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About MCS

The Ernest and Julio Gallo Management Program

The Ernest and Julio Gallo Management Program is a multi-faceted entity integrating research, education, development and other community outreach activities — thereby leveraging strengths in engineering, science and social sciences found at UC Merced. Together, this unit serves as a cross-functional hub for interdisciplinary research in management science, partnerships with for-profit and nonprofit enterprises and public organizations, and education programs that address the growing need for managers who are well-versed in the complex problems associated with coupled human and environmental systems.

Department of Management of Complex Systems (MCS)

Within the The Ernest and Julio Gallo Management Program, the MCS Department is comprised of a diverse multi-disciplinary faculty joined around a common interest in how arrangements of people, organizations, information, technology and the natural world give rise to complex adaptive phenomena that pose difficult — often grand — challenges to society.