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AMR Origins Series Interview with MCS's Russ McBride on the Structure of Social Reality

September 8, 2021
Academy of Management Origins Interview Series Interviews Russ McBride on his Latest Paper in AMR
AMR Origins Series Video Interview with Russ McBride

The Academy of Management Review (AMR) hosts a video series called the "AMR Origins Series" that interviews authors publishing in AMR in an attempt to understand how their theory paper was written, where the ideas for it originated, and "where theories come from". Our MCS Assistant Professor, Russ McBride discusses his AMR in-press paper, "Social Objectivity and Entrepreneurial Opportunities", and the importance of the long-term goal of building a unified theoretical framework for all of the social sciences akin to the the one we have for the natural sciences. And he discusses the first step in that goal—recognizing that all social phenomena are mind-dependent and all physical phenomena are mind independent.