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Student Achievements

AY 2023-2024

  • Deseret Weeks published an article as lead author with MCS faculty entitled "Sense of Place and Perceived Impacts in the Rural Industrialized Nexus: Insights for Sustainability Pathways".

AY 2022-23

  • Eujean Byun was selected as a mentee for the "To My Younger Self (TMYS)" 2023 program organized by Women in Operations Research and Management Science (WORMS).

  • Mikey Bernal had an extended abstract accepted into Creativity and Innovation Management Journal and EGOS Conference in Summer 2023.

  • Zoe Loh received a J. Frank Yates Conference Award to present a poster titled "Physiological and Perceived Processing and Recall of Information From Social Media Feeds" at the Psychonomic Society Conference.

  • Zoe Loh presented a poster at the Object Perception, Attention, and Memory Conference.

  • Marcelo Rocha presented his work at the 2023 Conference of Latin American Geography in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Ngqabutho Moyo published an article as lead author entitled, "Perceived Risk of COVID-19 and Employee Decision-Making: How Psychological Distress during the Pandemic Increases Negative Performance Outcomes among Healthcare Workers" in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

  • Zoe Loh was a first-author of the publication "Working memory control predicts fixation duration in scene-viewing", published in Psychological Research.

  • Deseret Weeks was awarded a fellowship to take part in the 9th annual Duck Family Graduate Workshop in Environmental Politics and Governance at the University of Washington. 

  • Taylor Fugere selected to receive Scholar Award from the P.E.O. Sisterhood in recognition of research that investigates the practices of belonging for underrepresented communities within technology organizations.

  • Deseret Weeks presented her work at the Association of American Geographers meeting in Denver.

AY 2021-22

  • Mikey Bernal presented TEDx UC Merced 2021 Speaker. Talk Title: Video Game Industry: Opportunity for Generational Social Change

  • Taylor Fugere presented a poster on her research and won the Best Poster Award at the Central Valley Region Interdisciplinary Symposium on Education Research (CV-RISER).

  • Nicolás Goncalves received the DCI Award of Excellence as the IoT4Ag diversity award winner.

  • Taylor Fugere won the Outstanding Teaching Award for the School of Engineering.

  • Taylor Fugere Presented with the Resilience Research Group at the Elon University 18th Teaching and Learning Conference. Presentation Title: "Reframing Resilience to Promote Care (Not Conformity)”.

  • Taylor Fugere presented her research at the 13th Process Organization Studies Symposium; 2022, June. Rhodes, Greece.

  • Marcelo Rocha was awarded a Miguel Velez Scholarship for next AY.

  • Deseret Weeks was awarded a CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Dissertation Fellowship.

  • Zoe Loh presented her poster "Physical and Perceived Processing and Recall of Information From Social Media Scrolling Feeds" at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association. 

  • Taylor Fugere presented with the Resilience Research Group at AAC&U Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Student Success. Presentation title : "Resilience as Resistance, Not Replication” 

  • Taylor Fugere and the Resilience Research Group were published in Hybrid Pedagogy.

  • Ken Pruit's team won the first CITRIS student aviation prize. Advised by faculty member Spencer Castro. 

  • Marcelo Santos Rocha da Silva won the Eric Wolf Prize 2021, awarded by the Political Ecology Society for a paper wrote with Prof. Joel Correia (University of Florida).

  • Felber Arroyave, a MCS affilate and PhD candidate co-advised by Profs. Jenkins & Petersen, was co-author of Mobilizing the transformative power of research for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals published in Research Policy, a top innovation management journal.

AY 2020-21

  • PhD student Deseret Weeks became a fellow of the California State University’s (CSU) Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program.

  • PhD student Taylor Fugere recieved the UC Merced 2021-2022 Faculty Mentor Program Fellowship

  • PhD Student Abigail (Abby) Ruskey is serving as a panelist on March 22, 2021 for the Three Circles Center culminating session of a workshop linking Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability for the sustainability program staff at Emory University, Princeton and MIT.

  • PhD student Deseret Weeks will give an invited talk at the Los Angeles Geographical Society in April 2021 titled "Complexity and Progress in Adaptive Co-Management of the  Forest Commons of the Sierra Nevada”

  • Abigail Ruskey, a PhD student in Dr. Tracey Osborne’s group, was a co-author of Powers of 10: seeking ’sweet spots’ for rapid climate and sustainability actions between individual and global scales published in Environmental Research Letters.

  • Taylor Fugere led a workshop series in spring 2021 with the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning that provides graduate students the ability to take part in interactive sessions to discuss pedagogical research and including building strategies effective teaching. She also was a panelist at a session titled "Teaching Resilience: It Takes More Than Grit” at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

  • The second MCS PhD cohort matriculated, comprised of 9 students from 4 countries

AY 2019-20

  • The first MCS PhD cohort matriculated, comprised of 6 students from 2 countries